Most trimaran designs are considered nearly unsinkable because even when filled with water, the. Here is the link to the page featuring the Piver Nugget 24-foot small trimaran. About the same time, Arthur Piver was also building trimarans in the USA and created. Arthur Piver 1910-1968 Arthur Piver played a large role in the growth in popularity of the cruising trimaran through his various marine plywood designs aimed at the amateur. Arthur Piver (1910-1968) had no formal training as a yacht designer or naval architect, yet produced some of the most influential early trimaran designs and is attributed with.

Arthur Piver’s “Nimble” design commercially built in UK 1969, of plywood sheathed in glass fibre Length 30 feet, breadth 18 feet, draft 4 feet I have spent the last year in something of a similar situation; I purchased a Brown Searunner trimaran (by all reports a significant improvement over the Piver designs), built in. What?s it like being steeped in the knowledge of older designs such as the Searunner 25 trimaran, Piver 25 trimaran, or even the larger cruising Searunner 31 trimaran. The following are copies of the original Piver catalog of “Modern Sailboats” that were originally purchased. Sadrin/Piver: Trimaran designs 40′ to 50′ 43=c & 32-35: Kennedy, Dean – TA’AROA: Trimaran designs 40′ to 50′ 47= 26-27: Piver, Arthur – TRIDENT: Trimaran designs 40′ to 50′ These voyages proved the seaworthiness of the trimaran concept and in a very short time, Piver designs became incredibly popular and inspired many novices to believe they could.

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